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Created 1-May-15
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The Judge's Court is the only court that I like to visit regularly.
It's located in the heritage village of Pragpur in the beautiful Kangra valley.
The climate is good almost throughout the year with June being hot and January quite cold.
Many places of interest are nearby and easy accessible.
There are many varieties of fruit trees like Mulberry,Mango,Pear,Lychee or Peach in the huge compound.Farming is done strictly organic and fresh milk comes from their own dairy.
Prices are very reasonable and for more information visit their website:
The Judge's Court seen through the eyes of the White EagleDitoBackside of the Court with the Dauladhar range barely visibleRani, at the CourtBreakfast-2The poolLobby& of the rooms in the new buildingRoom-10-BRoom-12RestaurantEvening at the courtVijay Lal and his wife Rani are well looking after their esteemed guests.her-H.P-pragpur-jc-garden-dusk-1'

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