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Created 27-Dec-14
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This was an almost 8 year long project to travel to each and every corner of India by car. The car was a Sumo 4x4 Army Version, nicknamed Safed Haathi which means White Elephant.

The project ended on 19th of November 2014 in Dungarpur with the death of the Safed Haathi,due to heart failure. Coincidentally Dungarpur was also the first destination of the epic journey covering 172888 km and each and every Indian state.

Unfortunately TATA has never shown any interest in the project despite a former director has personally contacted them to get their attention but they replied that it is of no interest for them.Also they have given me lots of problems by supplying not so fast moving spares.Once they couldn't get me a front differential within 4 months.I had do buy one from a scrap dealer.And the last thing was a clutch which I needed in Jaipur and it didn't come within 5 weeks.Their motto is:Response in minutes and resolve in hours.My experience was that response was in hours and resolve in days in case they had the parts.Otherwise it takes weeks or even months.They sell you a car and then forget about you.I don't recommend to anybody to buy a vehicle from them.
Only 2 days after the Elephant's death I got a Scorpio 4x4 sponsored by Mahindra and just to see the quality of their workshops you can feel the difference.
This was the motto of the long journeyChasing the almond blossom near Chrar-i-SharifRoad to Machil at the LoCsumo-J&K-margantop-P2sumo-J& the Elephant enjoys a morning bath at RangdumAfter the Rangdum monasteryThe Elephant with his big brothe Unimog en route to Penzi-La

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