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Created 27-Dec-14
17 photos

The White Eagle project is a aerial photography project.
Currently used camera: DJI Phantom 2 Vision+
D-pal-MAH-janjira-palace-1 copyD-nat-MAH-ganapatepule-beach-1 copyD-for-MAH-jaigarh-1 copyAerial view on SiolimCasa Soraya aerial viewCasa Soraya aerial view 2Casa Rebello aerial viewUdai Bilas Palace aerial viewUdai Bilas Palace aerial view 2Udai Bilas Palace aerial view 3Udai Bilas Palace pool aerial viewUdai Bilas Floating TableGabhana Fort Palace AerialGabhana Fort Palace Aerial 2Devgadh Baria RajmahalDevgadh Baria Rajmahal 2Devgadh Baria Rajmahal 3

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