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Created 22-Jan-15
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Udai Bilas Palace in Dungarpur near Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Nestled in idyllic splendour, with the blue waters of Gaibsagar lake on one side and a cove of private reserve forest on the other, Udai Bilas Palace is the embodiment of the old world charm of princely India. It offers a scenic location for rest and recreation. This is an ideal paradise of unhurried hospitality from where to explore birdlife and tribal life and experience a splendidly romantic ambience for that very special honeymoon. Exquisite rajput anchitechure, fine murals, miniature paintings and stone carvings will delight the cultured traveller.

The History of Udai Bilas Palace, Dungarpur, Rajasthan dates from the mid-19th century, when Maharawal Udai Singhji-II, a great patron of art and architecture, built a wing of bluish grey local stone “Pareva” overlooking the lake and the “Ek Thambia Mahal”, featuring intricate sculptured pillars and panels, ornate balconies, balustrades, bracketed windows, arches and frieze of marble carvings, a veritable marvel of Rajput architecture.
Udai Bilas Palace aerial viewUdai Bilas Palace aerial view 2Udai Bilas Palace aerial view 3Udai Bilas Palace pool aerial viewUdai Bilas terrace at nightUdai Bilas Floating Table

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